Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Baby Jesus, Please Make It Stop!!!

Ummm...I'll let this one speak, or rather, caterwaul for itself.

Picture of Mommy Twisting With Santa - Little Cori

If your ears happen to stop bleeding long enough, have a Happy Holiday / Non-denominational seasonal celebration of which I make no faith-based implication in the interests of spiritual equality (sigh).

Just In Case You Forgot the True Meaning of Christmas...

Riverbottom Nightmare Band!!!

In A Recession...

If you think its "the thought that counts" then you got another "Think" commin. Seriously though, if you are looking for some last minute gift ideas for this here RedBoy, keep in mind that I take a 42' length shirt, size 10' shoes, or, you could do a sight worse than rustling me up some more country cuts like the one enclosed.

Take a cracklin' cue from the 'haze' here, "Please be careful. Get there on time. Last minute shoppers must wait in line."

Last Minute Shopping - Eddie Hazelwood

Friday, December 12, 2008

Shot Four Times and Dy'in.

Ya know, it's just like a Oakie screw to give you a runnin' start and then shoot you in the back - Four times no less.

Well, that's still more accurate then the NYPD @ any rate.

Born 1929 in Eagletown, Ark, Bill Carter was a regular on KBOX outta Modesto before the rock and roll bug took a big bite outta the cowboy circuit. Perhaps best known for the insane cut 'Baby Brother', Carter proves here in this 61' 'Tennessee Two' inspired track that despite the the tug of progress, there is still a little somethin' to be said for the squelch of the train and a liberal application of .38 Long Colt provided that one does not find themselves in front of either.

"Bill Carter was a native of Eagleton, Arkansas, but his family moved to Broken Bow, Oklahoma when he was eight years old. In 1943, the Carter family, (who were a farming family) moved out west to California to the town of Idaho, which was where Bill got his start as a professional singer.

He got his first how over station KREO, where he performed until entering the U.S. Air Force in 1950. Even while in the service, he managed to keep up his singing while stationed in San Antonio, Texas.

1952 saw him transferred to a military base near the Bay area in northern California. There, he met up with folks such as Cottonseed Clark and Big Jim De Noon. When he was discharged in 1953, he had a recording contract with the 4 Star label. He also appeared a few times on Cottonseed Clark's television show called "The Hoffman Hayride".

Shot Four Times and Dy'in - Bill Carter