Friday, July 27, 2012

BftRB Presents: Grind Shop Vol. 2 (Strangeland Mix)

Turning Myself Nto Energy - Axis (France)
Witch's Wand - Luv Machine (Barbados)
Sul Tuo Letto Di Morte - I Giganti (Italy)
Snuki - Omega (Hungary)
You've Got Freedom - Joel Dayde (France)
Vambo Marble Eye - The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (Scotland)
Liar - Kin Ping Meh (Germany)
Se Non E' Amore Cos'e' - Formula 3 (Italy)
Fluid - Twink (England)

*Note: Just like the Olympics but w/o drug testing!!!
Special thanks to M. (Vinyl Dog) Poletti for the hook-up.


BftRB Presents: Grind Shop Vol. 2 (Strangeland Mix)


Thursday, July 26, 2012


Currently Reading...

Black Magic: Religion and the African American Conjuring Tradition
by Yvonne P. Chireau

"Black Magic looks at the origins, meaning, and uses of Conjure--the African American tradition of healing and harming that evolved from African, European, and American elements--from the slavery period to well into the twentieth century. Illuminating a world that is dimly understood by both scholars and the general public, Yvonne P. Chireau describes Conjure and other related traditions, such as Hoodoo and Rootworking, in a beautifully written, richly detailed history that presents the voices and experiences of African Americans and shows how magic has informed their culture. Focusing on the relationship between Conjure and Christianity, Chireau shows how these seemingly contradictory traditions have worked together in a complex and complementary fashion to provide spiritual empowerment for African Americans, both slave and free, living in white America. As she explores the role of Conjure for African Americans and looks at the transformations of Conjure over time, Chireau also rewrites the dichotomy between magic and religion. With its groundbreaking analysis of an often misunderstood tradition, this book adds an important perspective to our understanding of the myriad dimensions of human spirituality."

Currently Watching...

White Lighning (1973)

"After Gator McKlusky is arrested for selling moonshine, the police agree to set him free if he will help them catch the main players in the local whiskey-running business. Gator agrees in order to get out of jail, and for revenge, because the ring leader of his competition is the man who killed his younger brother."