Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Devil & the Ding, Dong, Ditch

1. Lude Boy - Social Distortion
2. Telling Them - Social Distortion
3. Daddy's Gone Mad - Legal Weapon
4. Puss 'N' Boots - Red Cross
5. Out of My Head - Modern Warfare
6. Street Fighting Man - Modern Warfare
7. Deception - Secret Hate
8. New Routine/Suicide - Secret Hate
9. Suburban Bitch - Conservatives
10. Just Cuz/Nervous - Conservatives
11. Evil - 45 Grave
12. Concerned Citizen - 45 Grave
13. 45 Grave - 45 Grave
14. Dogs - Christian Death
15. Reject Yourself - 100 Flowers
16. Marry It - Rhino Thirty Nine
17. Death on the Elevator - Superheroines
18. Embalmed Love - Superheroines

Here is one for my crushed-velvet peeps. This seminal Cali-punk complation features alt. cuts of several '45 Grave' tunes (A highly undrerated band) off the 'Sleep in Safety' lp in addition to the vinyl debut of Death Rock/punk pioneers Christian Death (pre- 'Only Theatre of Pain')and The Super Heroines (featuring future Christian Death / Shadow Project guitarist Eva O). I'll let 'Alt. Music Guide' fill in the blanks:

"Recorded in 1981 for $550, this Southern California punk compilation (featuring one of the earliest performances of Redd Kross, here as the pre-lawsuit Red Cross) has been known to command prices in excess of $100 for a good vinyl copy. Well-known and obscure bands are represented side by side -- Social Distortion, .45 Grave and Christian Death rub shoulders with 100 Flowers (the serious side of punk comedians the Urinals), Secret Hate and Conservatives, amongst others. As a quick profile of the Los Angeles, Long Beach and Orange County scene circa 1981, this collection is hard to beat. ~ Steven McDonald"

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