Monday, February 4, 2008

Just who was that Masked Man?

This one was a pain in the dick to track down. I was always under the assumption that this dog was hung under the moniker of "Mask Man & the Agents", and as it turns out, I was partly right. As the sometimes super spy 'Mask Man’ and captain of the 'Cap-Tans', Harmon Bethea has put his brand on some sweet-ass soul the likes of 'One Eye Open' and 'Yaw'll', but the ultimate ode of this incognito 'Love Bandito' remains his race-conscious interpretation of the Jesters penned novelty tune 'Roaches' released on the Musicor label in 1972 and subsequently comped on Norton record’s ‘Big itch 3’.

Now, if only we could get Jerry Lot in on the action.

Roaches - Harmon Bethea


Devil Dick said...

I'll have to post the flip since you beat me to it punk...

ah fuck it, i'll have to find my jetsers 45 and post that sucka!

Devil Dick said...

get crackin over here boy!

U need a trip to philly

Devil Dick said...

the royal purple post kiddo!