Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ain't Much More Soul to Get Round' To

Let me start by stating the obvious, this cover is terrible. Seriously. Short of that, this post might seem somewhat uncharacteristic of one who splatter dashes his works w/ the brains of base and tuneless troubadours - but there is a lot to be said for meticulous musicianship, that, and sentimentality. And so I am a RedBoy for all seasons (Shhh. Don't tell a soul).

Much like Pete Best, I can't imagine being famous for little more than the sum of missed opportunities (Fuck the Beatles anywhoo). Terry Reid, having famously turned down Led Zeppelin’s overture to pursue his own solo career, tends to fall in the same general category, though unlike Mr. Best, who assuaged his 'Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda' by signing autographs at boat shows for 20 beans a flourish, Terry Reid actually made records - pretty fuckin' good records (Take that Mr. Robert "I wrote 'When the Levy Breaks" Plant).

1977's 'Seed of Memory' is a much more subdued affair than previous outings (Bang, Bang You're Terry Reid (1968), Terry Reid (1969), River (1973) and there is a decidedly modern (for it's time) country feel to an already AM friendly assortment of acoustic-based material. And while the title track, 'Seed of Memory' has made the rounds pretty mightily, receiving a much deserved shot in the arm by way of it's inclusion in the 'Devil's Rejects' soundtrack (Apparently 'Free Bird' didn't conjure enough pathos), I think my favorite cut would have to be 'Brave Awakening'.

It brings to mind Merle Travis' 'Dark as A Dungeon' - fashioned from the bones of some lazy Sunday, a vein of regret running just underneath.

It may not be 'Cashmere', but I never did have any use for such fine things.

Brave Awakening - Terry Reid

Note: I hope you Laddies appreciate this post, as I have inadvertently scratched the holy living shit outta this LP while burning it. Oh well. What's a little sacrifice among friends?

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