Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"I've Got to Know the Girl in the Miniskirt"

With summer winding down and the coming autumn exuding it’s cooling influence over exposed midriffs and chilly knees alike, the time has invariably come to say goodbye to the minskirt as the come-hither garment of choice for choice chicks.

(sigh) As much as it pains me to say it, there is a definite correlation between the yearly harvest and a very noticeable decrease in the ratio of knee-high boots to pleated Skirts; even stocking are adversely affected.

Though the 'Sunshine State' has never suffered such a seasonal shortage, that didn’t stop California natives ‘The Flower Children’ from making the socially conscious choice and penning this public service announcement extolling the virtues of that ever-present garment.

Simultaneously pressed on both Allied and Castil , all signs point to a 67' release on this, the bands only cut. Once you get passed all the beaded, unwashed activism implied by such a name, 'Flower Children' actually becomes quite apropo, especially when you consider the fact that it sounds like a bunch of kids playing four different songs at once.

A slight technicality when you consider the strong overall message:

"She Did the 'Coffee Grind' and the 'Buffalo Flirt'. That tantalizing temptress in the Miniskirt."

Mini-Skirt Blues - Flower Children

Marching Lovers - Flower Children


Anonymous said...

I dig this pysch/garage tune-think Im gonna have to search on the ebay

Plus the Photo of boots/miniskirt

The RedBoy said...

Miniskirts & Psych tunes: Two great tastes that taste great together!!!

Howie Pyro said...

hey just came across this entry...did you know that this 45 is the first recording by a young Simon Stokes? (he did lotsa wild records, biker soundtracks, a more recent record with timothy leary plus he's a supercool hardass dude even now! and still playing nasty rock n roll. mini skirt blues was covered by the cramps on their look mom no head lp with iggy pop on guest vocals! always a mouthful...

The RedBoy said...

@Howie I learn something new everyday! First time I heard the tune was off of 'Look Mom' when it came out. I love the Cramps version, but the original has a certain pissed-off quality that I can relate to as a hot-blooded, skirt watchin' male. Funny enough, this post get mad traffic from porn sites because of the miniskirt tag:)

Quick question: Are you familiar w/ Mad Charles by UGE?