Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Life is Short, Filled With Stuff..."

I had the pleasure of playing w/ the Cramps several years ago @ Irving Plaza in NYC. After a brief exchange w/ Lux and Ivy (I make no pretext of having known him - though I like many other people in NYC have seen his dick waaay too many times to be considered strangers) I watched as Lux proceeded to lay on the floor backstage w/ a camera taking pictures up the skirts of the opening act (Unbeknownst to them) during sound check. Stage hands kept tripping over him during the entire set, but he did not waver from his purpose, which I can only assume resulted in some memorable photographs. Bottom line - in a world of artifice, where nothing is done w/o an ulterior motive and authenticity is bought and sold like any commodity, Lux was just as weird and offbeat offstage as he was w/ spotlights on him and a microphone shoved in his mouth. The Cramps weren't just an act, they were a state of being.

R.I.P. Lux Interior 10/21/46 - 02/04/09


melissa joy said...

I've been thinking about that night too.

The RedBoy said...

Good times Miss Joy. Can't says I remember too much after that though(open bar).

melissa joy said...

Speaking of, you guys playing soon?

I'm (currently) not working as much as I did and can occasionally go out again.

The RedBoy said...

We're playin' next week actually

Feb.21 2009 @ Asbury Lanes
the Friggs, Mondo Topless, Kitty& the Kowalskis, and,

You should come by.

melissa said...

I'm doing some freelance stitching for a tour and I think it ships out that day.

So, If I don't have to work, Hell Yeah!

Anonymous said...