Wednesday, November 18, 2009

...And I Don't Work For Nobody But You.

Even though Halloween is Kaputsville (And Thanksgiving is apparently only a week off!?), that’s no reason that ole’ RB can’t drop a monster squarely on your head…

Is it Funk? Is it Psych? Is it soup yet? Who knows? A better question would be can you spin this 71’ offering from Trinidad’s fortunate sons and not bump & grind yer tail feathers into pillow stuffin? Seriously, this record is enormous!

From what I gather the proper British press on Polydor goes for pounds of, uh… pounds on the other side of the pond (Don’t even ask about the LP), hence why I went with a French picture sleeve, but don’t let it’s nationality fool you, this shit shows no sign of surrendering. You might as well just repurpose that white flag into a diaper, cause you are gonna shit yourself. Seriously, suck on this witches wand and you’ll dig my meanin’.

P.S. Thanks to Tommy Brimstone for turnin’ me on to this junk.


Witches Wand – Luv Machine

Happy Children – Luv Machine