Monday, January 18, 2010

1 Million Served; 1.6 Critical Violations Per Inspection

Four out of five recitivist offenders agree: syrup goes good w/ just about anything, even assholes. And while assholes are definitly off the menu, Waffle's, on the other hand, are a great & well balanced way to start off any post.

Being a man of my word, here is another gem from the Wafflehouse jukebox for those patient readers w/ an unnatural adoration of all things waffle-centric. Eat up...waffles, I mean.

Waffle Doo Wop - Eddie Middleton


KL from NYC said...

I'm late for this, but still appreciative.
I've asked people to keep an eye out for the Elvis/Waffle House 45. If someone locates one, I'll let you know so you can tell me how to get an mp3 to you.
Thanks again.

The RedBoy said...

I'd be forever in your debt if you could somehow combine my adoration of Elvis AND waffles into some sort of tangle thing...only time will tell:)