Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Hip to Be Square (Sorry).

What has four sides, three parts and will hand you your ass quicker than a bare-knuckle boxer? Answer: This friggin’ record!

This mysterious disc is actually one of about a dozen I scammed recently. All white label promos; most instrumental and all strange labels w/ even stranger acts accompanying. While not the only heavy hitter out of the box, Square and its equally hip flip, Davey’s Drag, are certainly vying for the top spot of my shit-shot agenda of recent acquisitions.

As for history on this disc, I have no idea. I’ve seen it appear on Rockabilly comps before, but I take exception to the fact that this is a Rockabilly track. There is an unfortunate tendency to drop every twangy riff square into the ‘A-billy’ bucket, but as us instrumental mentalist know, this kinda dreck is in a class (and category) all it’s own.

Now, if only we could confirm a part one and two (doubtful, but…).

Square Rock pt 3 - Squares

Davey's Song - Squares


Devil Dick said...

hmmmm, a mart craft production..... but where is sid...???

The RedBoy said...

Ha! I thought the same thing!

Billy said...

this record is from Peoria IL and is vaguely connected with the nearby Rockin' R's of "The Beat/Crazy Baby" fame.

It came out on another label whose name my aged brain fails to remember.

KL from NYC said...

The lame children program producers are Sid and Marty Krofft.
This Marty Croft had a slew of early rock & roll labels, including Melba ("Chuch Bells May Ring" The Willows), and Warwick (The Tokens, before their RCA contract).
United Telefilm (at the bottom) was a large company; their business was pretty obvious by their name. I don't know if the company made it into the '70s.

The RedBoy said...

Thanks for the info KL. DevilDick has yet another copy on a different label, in point of fact. What label is that, DD?