Monday, May 31, 2010

They Got Sweet Potatos, Candied Yams, Peacan Tans, Oh Man, Oh Man!

Been in dereliction of my internet duties w/ regards to bloggin’ on account of my pushin’ the new Brimstones single (Which you should buy, if for no other reason than to lampoon it on yer own damned blog).

Short of being extreamly busy, I’m pleased to report that part of my absence is due to my acquiring and subsequently sorting through a massive collection of rare Doo-Wop 45’s. Hands down the best private score I’ve had in a decade. Needless to say, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in vocal street-corner prowess...which brings us to the Tifano’s

As the first release on Jimmie Newton’s Tifco label (Run outta Tifton, Georgia) ‘Louisiana’ sets the tone on this vocal monster. While ‘Raining’ is the money side (Look for it on an up and coming BFTRB mix), ‘Louisiana’ sees the succinctly titled Tifanos doing their best Wilbur Harrison impersonation, kicking Kansas City to the curb in favor of the Gulf Coast and the ‘fair brown’ womens and the soul-food laden sideboard that comes along w/ it.

I know Doo-Wop might not be as accessible to the young folk as the rubric spawned by the British Invasion, but vocal music of the period is the very spirit of innovation; a street-wise sentiment that, unlike modern music, required actual talent to thrive in a competative market, rather than simply relying on ignorant thuggery to illustrate being street-savvy, you savvy?

Louisiana - Tifanos