Monday, June 28, 2010

Where the Wild Things, Are.

If I were to say the phrase ‘Wild Thing’ and visions of feuding Troggs crept into your mind, then I’d say you stand w/ most music aficionados. If, consequently, visions of Denise Richards and Neve Campbell dikeing out w/ Matt Dillon from the Outsiders permeate your grey matter, then I’d say you watch too much Showtime Late nite and are an unapologetic pervert. In this case either one is perfectly acceptable, as the Wild Things I’m sellin are of neither camp, yet at the same time, decidedly camp -a terminally obscure, if not, unknown variety of hair-hopping garage punk monsters.

Don’t believe me? Dig the pix. I mean, these guys look like a cross between Johnny Suede, Sleazy P. Martini (from GWAR) and Congo Powers. The later, in particular, as majority of the members are of Mexican extraction, doing there best Tav Falco, sporting Gomez Addams moustaches and Teddy boy frocks.

While decidedly ‘Drape’ in appearance, these hombres are straight up amateur night garage punk, if their first single ‘Weird Hot Night (Suffer Baby) is any indication. I see this track turn up on some of the more obscure private press comps- a rare gem considering how close to the bottom of the barrel we’ve come with regards to good, unreleased garage punk tracks. The flip ain’t no slouch either, with both tracks exhibiting low production values without even the slightest regard for technicality, a surprise given Gary Us Bonds involvement in SQRLs production

The third track enclosed, Old Lady, tends to complicate matters, as this later incarnation (69’) of Wild Thing is widely regarded to be the same band as the previous single, though I can find no definitive copy to back that up (Fuck it. I’ll just assume and make an ass out of me). Despite what the mile-high hair and shtick might suggest, Wild Thing were not a studio creation, but were signed by Electra at the behest of a scene headhunter, a full length LP of covers rounding out their single input – a move ultimately considered an embarrassing failure by the Electra production team – never quite living up to the intensity of their previous singles.

While I might spare you the horrors of this lack-luster lp, these singles represent the unhinged talent (and follicles) of a true, grass-roots project - unfettered by the demands of a major label and free to let their hair down, or up, as this ridiculous picture seems to suggest.

Weird Hot Nights (Suffer Baby) – Wild Thing

Don’t Fool With My Girl – Wild Thing

Old Lady – Wild Thing

P.S. Special thanks to Vinyl Dog (Oddly enough, his real name)for inadvertantly sending me on a Wild (Thing)Goose-chase


Anonymous said...

These guys opened for the Mothers at the Ark in Boston, also played, I think at a small festival in Rindge, NH in 69. Never saw them, but they made an impression on a friend of mine at The Ark.

The RedBoy said...

Cool. Figures that Zappa would dig these guys, giant hair not withstanding.

prof. grewbeard said...

what in the flying fuck?...

prof. grewbeard said...

okay, now that i've heard it, i'm thinking those hot weird nights must have been spent with The, which is a compliment...

The RedBoy said...

My pals name is Foot-foot...he always likes to roam...

prof. grewbeard said...

oh hey, i found something you might be interested in, iffn' you ain't seen it yet...

word verification- "slysess"- success on the sly...

Anonymous said...

i later played in pf & the flyers with pncho vidal the wild thing guitarist...glenn evans drumstooge

The RedBoy said...

Welcome Anon Wildthing! Tell me, are both of these records really the same band? Enquiring minds want to know. Also, who does your hair?

奇堡比 said...