Monday, December 20, 2010

Call me Skeptical...

Yeah. I’m just not really ‘feelin’ Christmas this year. I mean, the day after Halloween I was already being choked-out by tinsel and red felt @ the local drugstore. More and more I fear there is not ample time for decompression between the Holidays and, as such, I think I’ll sit Christmas out this year (Don’t wanna get the Holiday bends and burst a blood-vessel, now do we?). Still, I am the giving sort, and in the interests of comity, I give you a healthy dose of SKEPTICism from Bartlesville OK circa 66’

From the G200 website:

"hands-down prize for 60's group with the most utlrarare picture sleeve 45's goes to Oklahoma's Skeptics, with a total of 3 ULTRA rare picture sleeves, each known in a quantity of less than 10 copies. Much less. This one, "Apple Candy", is probably the second-rarest, with around 5 copies known. The hands-down rarest is their release on Thrush, with only one copy with picture sleeve having ever been found. However the existence of a fourth sleeve, "Bit O' Honey" (Scratch) is now in doubt. Although listed in many discographies, no-one has ever actually seen it. We doubt it exists."

Now, if only I had the picture sleeve...

Apple Candy - Skeptics

Ride Child - Skeptics

Note: Special thanks to Gregorious from HPRS who - in a moment of greed and weakness - sold me this killer-diller disc!