Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Blue Heaven


Prof. Grewbeard said...


Gillesse said...

Wow, that record player is awesome. I wish I had that much vinyl :)

The RedBoy said...

@Grew - Picked it up at a garage sale down the street. They were thrilled to get rid of it. Some people...

@Gillesse - Keep diggin' (Even when you're hungover), get dirty doin' it and never take NO for an answer :)

Anonymous said...

@redboy: amazing what will show up sometimes. I used to have a windup years ago...last year bought TWO working ELECTRIC 78 players for $20. then had a friend give me 50 needles...from duncanmusic@frontiernet.net

SWinGB said...

When I was a young boy my folks took me to visit an old lady we called "Aint Jaynie" that lived alone who was nearly 80 years old when I was in grade school. She had been like a 2nd mom to my dad. She had a house full of antiques that she used as her standard of living - a small fortune in wares that would fill an antique mall. Included in her furnishings was an old stand up model Edison Victrola Phonograph that to me in my memories even today sounded wonderful. She had nearly every Jimmie Rodgers 78 rpm record ever made and stacks of other 78's. I had to stand on my tippy-toes to see the record spinning round, which to me was as important as listening to the music coming off those old scratchy 78's that were well played with those heavy tone arms and a needle that resembled a 10 penny nail - you could see the black dust come off the grooves with each play! I read recently where Eric Clapton shared a similar memory of stretching up to see the old Okeh 78 of Bessie Smith's 'Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out' - a song that became a Slowhand standard and one of if not the 1st song he learned to play. She influenced Bob Wills as well who rode a mule 50 miles in 1929 from down on the farm near Childress, TX to Amarillo to see and hear Bessie perform. We've come a long way in technology but music has remained the same - good music that is regardless of whether we insert a CD into a player or wind up the old Victrola and play one of those old Emmett Miller or Bessie Smith records the thrill is still the same. I think the wonderment of hearing music from an original source and played on a vintage machine may outlast that of loading up the BOSE and letting the discs play...

SWinGB said...

ps... that memory ranks right up there with that of my older brother's little Hi-Fi and a stack of original yellow label Sun 78 rpm Elvis Presley records - a near complete set of Elvis's Sun singles! I recall watching the record go round and round and how the labels looked so pretty spinnin' 'round and how groovy Elvis, Scotty and Bill sounded on those primitive sides Sam Philips cut in his Memphis studio. I had no idea the value of those records and neither did his old lady. One day went over there with my folks and the record player was gone as were the records. "Where are the records and the phonograph?" I inquired. To my horror my brother's wife said, "Oh, that old thing was so old and looked so tacky, I threw it out and tossed those old records out in the garbage!" He had an old guitar he kept behind a door out of sight. One day while he was at work she decided it looked tacky... I can't believe she is still above ground!

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