Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Rocket Went So Fast, I Couldn't Hear the Blast!

My current fave.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know Garage Hangover got to it first. So sue me! I'm into even sharin'.

Doubtlessly inspired by the Apollo missions of the late 60's, this disc appeals to my love of both the cold, incalculable majesty that is outer space and the pissed off youth demographic. So irreverent that it could only truly be conceived by that rubics cube of non-linear thought - the teenage mind, 'Moon is one Heavenly-ass body.

Note: 'Moon', if you're listenin', you better give this kid his baby back before he breaks a Cuban-heel off in your crater-havin' ass

Straight outta Carolina (Does it really matter which one) circa 69' (or 70' if your a bettin' man), this is about as frantic as it gets.

Moon, Send My Baby - The Challengers

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