Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm a Goofball User & a Chick Abuser!

Heard this one in the company of a certain neighborhood Devil while enroute to Jose Tejas for a beef burrow. As a rule of thumb, anything on the Aladdin imprint is an ace, but this 1954 declaration of laciviousness - in particular - lays it all out on the line.

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"The Father of the Rhythm & Blues came out of the blues world of Brinkley, Arkansas, to play in Chick Webb's swing band from 1932 to 1938; he played alto sax and participated in comedy routines.

He began recording for Decca in 1938 with his own Tympany Five, remaining on the label until 1953. He had his first million-seller in 1944 with "Is You Is Or Is You Ain't Ma Baby?" -- having previously attracted attention with "Knock Me A Kiss" and "I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town," the latter a classic Blues.

His second million-seller was "Caldonia (What Makes Your Big Head So Hard?)," followed in 1946 by two million-sellers, "Beware, Brother, Beware" and "Choo Choo Ch 'Boogie," the biggest seller of all.

In all these, he pursued a basic rhythm of Shuffle Boogie, later taken over by early Rock 'n' Roll. As he said, he "made the blues jump," and in so doing, influenced B. B. King, Chuck Berry, and Bill Haley."

Having gyratted off this mortal coil in 75', I like to think Mr. Jordan lived every lyric down to the smallest syllable.

"I can't live right from livin' wrong, but I'll die happy".

I'll Die Happy - Louis Jordan

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