Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mother's Loudermilk

As this album is not suitably quantifiable beyond it's basic folkyness (Certainly not a 'Psychedelic Country album as some would maintain), I shall default to the liner notes for illumination...

"This is an album I've wanted to make for years but have been holding off waiting for the right time. Included in this collection are songs that may be offensive to some, but the majority of people feel this album has been needed for quite a while. Some of these selections have been recorded for as long as three years but "kept in the can" as recording people put it. My close friends know, I have dedicated my life to reaching into the contemporary thinking of the man on the street, pulling out passing moods and opinions and preserving them within the framework of the home-made musical composition. I've tried to use instruments that reflect today. The only place I may have failed is in my vocal performances, but, as he has happened with songs in albums past, younger and more serious singers will pick them up and have hit after hit with them. God gives us these thoughts and the ability to make songs out of them. Like the fruit of the wilderness, he must mean for us to share them as well. My mind's open like the pear limb that hangs over the sidewalk... free for the picking... so help yourself."

- John D. Loudermilk

Now ask yourself, given this rather heady introduction, can you afford not to listen to this?

The first track is a topical little number about a kept woman / love triangle, while the follow-up is a Dylan-esque affirmation of a world "Goin' to Hell on a Sled". Now I don't know about you, but that Sounds like buckets o' fun! Last one down the hill is a rotten egg!!!

More Than He Will Have to Give - John D. Loudermilk

Goin to Hell on A Sled - John D. Loudermilk


Devil Dick said...


JM Dobies said...

I'm featuring the morbidly morbid Loudermilk composition "Oh John" by the Allman Joys, where the singer gets shot at the end of the song, on next week's swingin' episode of Florida Rocks Again!

I also dug the Clease mp3.

Keep 'em coming!

The RedBoy said...

Loudermilk does a body good! More where that came from. Dig the link & keep on keepin' on.


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