Monday, October 27, 2008

Winchell's Donut House Presents: The Red-Devil Halloween Spooktacular Part 2

Okee Dokee. Me and the Dick over @ Devil's Music got a lot of monster / Halloween related platters between the two of us. In lieu of steppin' all over each others toes (gigantic hairy ones in his case), we decided to join forces and go punch for punch on a two-headed mix so spooky that one post cannot contain the horror (two posts can't really contain it either, but we wanna be done before Christmas). His satanic majesty is runnin' the opening shot on this two-parter as we speak. Be sure to stop on by Devil's Music and fill up on some more Halloween goodness. As for my part in this musical travesty...

Eddie Bell - The Great Great Pumkin

RedBoy: While fronting the Polka band the Versatones in the late 50's, singer Eddie Blazonczyk Sr. musta ate a bad cheregi (for my Warsaw peeps!) or somethin' cause he promptly got on the rock-tip and and made some sheckles for Mercury records before cutting this insane-o 63' disk concerning mystic oracle and all around advice jocky the Great, Great Pumpkin. And just who are you to argue greatness?

"My name if the greeeeaaaat pump-kin! Whadda ya want sonny boy!"

Dicky Doo & the Don'ts - Flip Top Box

DevilDick: Before The Beatles, the earliest artists for Swan Records were Dicky Doo and the Don'ts and Billy and Lillie, who both scored hits in early 1958 to start the label off on a successful footing. "Dicky Doo" was the nickname of Dick Clark's young son, and singer Gerry Granahan used it as the basis for the group name. They scored a top-30 single with "Click Clack" (Swan 4001), but several follow-up singles could only muster mid-chart placement (40s-60s at best). Their second record (Swan 4006) paired the silly "Nee Nee Na Na Na Nu Nu" with the strange "Flip Top Box," and this record alone would have been enough to kill off any thoughts the public may have been harboring that this was a serious group… I don’t know, sharing a coffin with anyone seems pretty serious to me?

Morgus & the Daringers - Werewolf

"Scooby Ooby Dooby Ooby Newbie Ahbba-Gisen. No-one under stood him, but you bet your life they listened! Owwwwwwwwwww!"

RedBoy: This Beat-Werewolf is, like, speakin' my language man! Check out your's truly's 'Things That Go 1-4-5 in the Night' mix for the skinny on faux-Morgus, as well as the yin to this killer cuts yang.

Dave Gardner – Mad Witch

DevilDick: If this here one don’t send a chill down yer spine then you are certainly of the un-living!

This is a devil’s music MUST for Halloween. I can damn near feel the wisp of the witch herself as she fly’s by on her broom & smell the witch’s cauldron a bubblin’ & feel the breath of the ghouls who dance around the pot in eager anticipation of what’s to come!!

I did see an original 78 of this track done by none other than Mel Allen of yep, this week in baseball fame, but some other Halloween geek (ah, hum, red boy) snatched that up on me… Oh yeah, and believe it or not this guy wound up a drug addled comedian of all things…

Dead - The Poets

RedBoy: I love how the Poets aren't fuckin' around with this title. No cutesy play one words; no atmospheric innuendo - just plain ole' D-E-A-D. This 1958 cut has been a perennial favorite for awhile now. Variations abound for this lesser known flip to 'Vowels of Love' including both black and red 'Flash' labels as well as a later billing as simply 'Poet'. By any name this is a great low-key Halloween tune.

The Monotones – Zombi

DevilDick: Ever fallen in love with a Zombi? Well apparently the Monotones did that very thing for this cut. These guys were no strangers to spooky and kooky cuts (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow) and this aint no Book of Love! The Monotones formed in 1955 when the seven original singers — all residents of the Baxter Terrace housing project in Newark, New Jersey began performing covers of popular songs. God I love Jersey!

Denny & Lenny (w/ the Hollywood Ghouls) - Monster Love

RedBoy: In the proud tradition of makin' the last dance of the evening a slow one, we're gonna wrap this Halloween hash up w/ a lttle 'Monster Love'. 63' is a little late for this kinda vocal styling, but I ain't complainin'. All you boils out there hold your ghouls tight, dim the torches, slip on a Magnum glove and show some 'Monster love'.


Red-Devil Halloween Spooktacular Part II

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------'s been swell, but the swellins gone down. Be sure to checkout the Devil's Music for part uno of this Halloween craptacular! We now return you to our regularly scheduled program.


Devil Dick said...

nice work compadre...

i'll never let Baby Huey ever say you aint good fer nutin' ever again....

The RedBoy said...

You mean I pissed 'Alice the Goon' off?!?!? Mission accomplished!

Planet Mondo said...

What a walloping wall of spooky tunes - top work freak-beaters

The RedBoy said...

Thank you much! Devil Dick's beard did most of the work.

Dig the Planet Mondo link.

Devil Dick said...

it is, after all, a "wizard" beard...

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