Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gold Standard For A Tin Ear

Having replaced my stereo receiver, of course all of the little imperfections inherent to my audio set-up have come fumbling at my head.

First up is a torn cone in one of my Sony speakers which galvanized me to get my ass on craigslist and see if any local color were offering something of note that perhaps would not result in my getting raped and killed at an area truck stop. One phone call and an unmarked panel-truck later and I was on my way home w/ a pair of 1960’s Wharfedale W60s (note: even the most firm price is negotiable, and no, I did not blow the guy). I tell ya, these speakers are sweet as hell, especially in the mids. They tend to get a bad wrap for their apparent lack of low end, but since I haven’t been listening to any Gabber Techno lately (or ever), it ain't no thang that a good sub-woofy won’t cure (to tell the truth they don’t even really need it). These walnut bastards are pretty smart lookin’ too. Hell, they even came with the original wood floor stands! IKEA would blush down to their bones at the lines of these space-age marvels.

As for the turntable situation, I usually slop 45’s around on a twin pair of coffin laden Stanton’s in the interests of throwing the odd shindig, but I have been on the lookout for a solid performer for more critical listening. At first glance, a BSR would hardly be considered a fitting candidate, especially their low end consol models, but I came across a BSR 710 at a local trading post (see: den of iniquity) and managed to point out enough flaws to talk the guy down to a more wallet friendly agreement. I realize and automatic platter-stacker might seem like a strange audiophile choice, but after replacing the needle housing for a modern equivalent and adding a more complimentary lube to the drive-train (yes, this monster uses a drive train not unlike the average car; and yes, I said “lube”) and this machine runs as quiet as the grave, and with a solid wood base, is as heavy as the requisite tombstone.

Next up is and dedicated EQ and a tube pre-amp. Anybody sellin’?

Note: Dig the periodical the BSR ad is from.


J. said...

Nice! Now we have to get intoxicated & listen to The Revels

Jer.Eps said...

Contact m at and I will try and hook you up with a phono and preamp for notta lotta - those wharfedales seem like a pretty sweet score if you ask me, nicely done.

The RedBoy said...

Jay: Chuuuuurchkeeeeeeeeeyyyyy.....

Jer: Thanks for the offer. Ill have to take you up on it once I absorb the financial shock of my repair bill...and the Wharfedales are sweet indeed. Don't even need no Sub Woofer.