Saturday, February 20, 2010

Promethean Hubris, or...Fire In A Bottle

Oh, boy…

I know I said regular posting would commence shortly -- what w/ the new stereo acquisition and all-- but allow me to give you the brief rundown of the whore that is lady luck and her unfailing ability to kick me in the teeth.

Finally got the Wharfedales dialed in a little over a week ago, and I was in the process of cueing up sonic garbage for this repository of knowledge when -- and I shit you not—my laptop blew the fuck up and took my Fisher w/ it. The long and the short of it: A short (Pun) in the laptop power supply caused a surge to the Fisher, which would have generally not been a problem HAD THE FUCKING FUSE BEEN SOLDERED CORRECTLY by the joker I originally scored this from (He swore he had his tech go over it w/ a fine tooth comb, natch). The resulting arc fried the laptop and blew the output transformer without even tripping the fuse! Don’t’ fret though. After two weeks TLC w/ MY tech (i.e. the guy I go too when the shit get’s too real for me), we’re back in business, and w/ the addition of a new old-stock Soundcraftsmen PE2217 and a venerable laptop (Thanks, Sissy!) we now have twice the rock (w/ half the fat and ten times the grease).

Yeah, it might sound like a huge hassle where-as solid state is a bit more dependable, but what can I say: I’m ole’ fashioned, and besides, you can’t make rock w/o fire, and you can’t make fire w/o the venerable vacuum tube.

Thanks to Dennis @ Central Jersey Repair for bringing me back from the brink of boredom.

Now, on wit da show!

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