Friday, January 16, 2009

"A fleeting moment, but not a frozen moment."

R.I.P. Andrew Wyeth 07/12/17 - 01/16/09


Anonymous said...

I love Andrew Wyeth so Does my Pops, My Dad actually failed an Art class in college over one of his paintings "Christina's World".
Chadds Ford PA Born and Breed Baby

The RedBoy said...

My favorite painting of his is 'Tenant Farmer', 1961. The dead deer hanging from the tree reminds me of my excitement as a kid at my father having killed a buck, hanging its field-dressed carcass in the yard.

Creepy, right?

How did your dad come to fail art class over 'Christina's World?

Oh, and I'll give you Wyeth, but Pennsylvania is still a flat and boring state :)

Anonymous said...

the story went something like he failed an exam or the class cause of not knowin the name of the painting, He ended up buyin the print later in life...