Thursday, January 15, 2009

This One Time @ Band Camp...

Cut on Buddah's 'Cobblestone' subsidiary (Same joint which gave us the awesome 'Suicidal Flowers') here we gots a "Flute Thang", and it ain't no 'Blues Project'.

A Sicilian message from the self-professed "Ebony Godfather", 'Comin' Home Baby' ain't quite as frantic as 'Chitlins & Cuchifritos', but w/ a skiff of snow on the cold, cold ground (Did i mention that its cold?), this track packs just enough "Easy Does it" for my low rent tastes.

Feathering jazz luminaries Jiggs Chase on organ, Robby Porter on baritone and Kenny Pollard on drums, you can do worse than givie it a spin, and if you happen to wake up to a horse head in your bed sporting a Kaya Kente Hat (What is w/ my current hat obsession?), just consider it a gift on the day of your daughter's wedding. May your first child be a masculine child.

Comin' Home Baby - The Joe Thomas Group


Devil Dick said...

so does this mean that i don't have to hear you endlessly looping this at work anymore???

The RedBoy said... mean like this?

Devil Dick said...

yeah. not only can i hear you from your desk 4 feet away but i can smell you too, el-stinko!

Devil Dick said...

wait! did i just hear a sour flute note!?!?!???