Monday, January 12, 2009

Turn the Key On the Little Tin Soldier

Before you go crownin' your dome piece with a 'Natani Nez' wide-brim and kicking people (Namely Me) in the face, be forewarned that this is NOT the tune made famous in the movie 'Bill Jack'. That would be Coven of 'Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls' fame.

Not about to be outdone by some Kung-Fu injun (or Jinx Dawson for that matter), this fuzzy soul bit is brought to you by the wonderful architect of dance-floor favorite 'The Push', though to be fair, I think this tune has got enough moxie to push right back and then some.

Cut on the 'Jewel' imprint in 67' (Fuck what the label says), 'Soldier' was produced by The great Charlie 'The Best That's Ever Been' Daniels and features a back-up band of 'Jades', though I doubt they are related to either the 'Surfin' Crow' or 'Boomstix' variety. Still, I like to think William Jack would approve.

Oh...and thank you for not kicking me in the face.

Little Tin Soldier - Billy Joe Young


Bob Pomeroy said...

Wow, who'da thought that long haired country boy had the funk in him? That's a long way from Gary Stewart's band! Jewel was an interesting label --I've got a couple of Frank Frost numbers on Jewel.

The RedBoy said...

Oddly enough, there are a couple of country crackers w/ a bit of the 'Sissy Strut' in em'

See: "The Funkiest White Man I Know"

Ain't got any stuff by Frost. Only other Jewels I seen is some later Lightnin' Hopkins sides. That, and the 'Push'.

Anonymous said...

Sweet little tune. Thanks! W.

ana-b said...

very nice..



The RedBoy said...

My pleasure.