Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Never get caught with a dead girl or a live boy."

Less than a day after Ted kennedy's death and already Sen. Robert Byrd has suggested naming the failing healthcare reform bill after that bloated hack. I suggest naming it the Mary Jo Kopechne Memorial Healthcare bill so we can bury it at the bottom of a lake too.

Camelot my boney white ass.


Edward said...

Fuck off, and enjoy getting turned down by your insurance company when it turns out you actually need that policy you've been paying through the ass for.

The RedBoy said...


When you shake the idiot tree, a nut is bound to fall out.

Now, normally I don't respond to gutless yellow-bellied turds who are too scared to push their chips in w/ an anon post (or, in this case, a dead end trail), but what the hell...

Eddy, my friend, I already have health care. Good health care, in point of fact. It's pretty cheap, and it keeps me neck deep in the pills I need to stay alive. Wanna know my secret? I work for a living. You should too...fuckin' hippie.

Once again, It's foolish to come to my corner of sky and bitch about the view.

The Management

Northing said...

Then come to my place. You're just another reason to nuke NJ.

The RedBoy said...

Waaahh, Waaahh, Waaahh (just picture a big gummed, toothless cartoon baby crying for effect).

Nuke us if you like buddy, but like the Cockroaches of old, NJ will undoubtedly survive (Must be all that reasonably priced health care!). Either way, you can kiss my rebel dick.

Fuckin' hippies...

Northing said...

Cockroach, meet Bigfoot

this is kinda fun

S R Management said...

Redboy, it's nice to find a blogger who actually knows which way is up. I noticed neither of these "blogger commentors" had a profile, blog, or values... for some tea and sympathy (and a laugh or two) come on over to SR management's premier blog: Government Cheese. And I promise not to insult you nor your
values. You can find it at my profile.

eda said...