Thursday, August 20, 2009

(Where is) The Soul of a Man?

Courtesy of: Texas Psychedelic Rock.

Due to some diligent work on the part of music scholar Jack Ortman, Beaumont Texas historians believe they have found the final resting place of sanctified blues singer Blind Willie Johnson. Plans are to erect a fitting monument in the pauper's field in which Johnson is intered by late 2010.

Next time you are in Beaumont, stop on by and pay your respects to the man that, for all intents and purposes gave the 'Power Chord' to the world.


Bella Bliss said...

happy birthday on Monday!
--Melissa Joy

The RedBoy said...

Thanks a bunch Miss Joy! how have you been?

Bella Bliss said...

Working part time. trying to scare up some more work. Occasionally going out.

How about you?

The RedBoy said...

Been busy finishing the album. Got a 45rpm coming out. Playin at Otto's this Saturday. The usual.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of old instrumental Caterpillar Crawl by The Strangers. Cheers, Bluecap.