Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Wildroote of All Evil?

Well, this is a first…

Went to a local pawn/junk shop to peruse some mammoth piles of wax. Upon depositing a stack at the counter, the cromags runnin’ the joint proceeded to tell me that each 45 is five beans, scratches, cracks and warps be damned (!?!?). Tuff pill to swaller, but I managed to pair down to some choice cuts and kicked the rest back into the garbage pile from whence they came.

Long story short- fast forward a couple o’ days to a subsequent visit and as soon as I walk in the door the inbred son they got slavin’ over his Gameboy lays it on me. The exchange went somethin’ like this:

“Excuse me sir. One of the records you bought the other day is worth twenty bucks.’

“Yeah, and…”

“Well…I only charged you five bucks for it.


“Sooooo… are you gonna pay us the other fifteen dollars (!?!?).”

Needless to say, I did not pay them the balance, though I did have some pretty choice words for that pudgy little bastard and his harridan, wall-eyed mother.

Id say that’s a bridge I smell burnin’, if it weren’t for the fact that I just cut my nose off to spite my face. Oh well; even a record hoarding misanthrope has to set a store by his pride. Anyhoo, on the plus side, I pretty much took those bastards to the cleaners on the stuff I did sneak past and in celebration I give you a twenty dollar record graciously donated to the collection for a fraction of the price by a bunch of money-grubbing ass-clowns. Behold, straight from Wall Township New Jersey, the heavy soul stilings of the Invaders, featuring their hit song (Citation needed) Wildroote!!! Don’t say I never gave you nothin’.



Wildroote - Invaders

O Lord - Invaders

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