Thursday, October 8, 2009

Curently Reading...

The House with a Clock in it's Walls:

"Lewis always dreamed of living in an old house full of secret passageways, hidden rooms, and big marble fireplaces. And suddenly, after the death of his parents, he finds himself in just such a mansion--his Uncle Jonathan's. When he discovers that his big friendly uncle is also a wizard, Lewis has a hard time keeping himself from jumping up and down in his seat. Unfortunately, what Lewis doesn't bank on is the fact that the previous owner of the mansion was also a wizard--but an evil one who has placed a tick-tocking clock somewhere in the bowels of the house, marking off the minutes until the end of the world. And when Lewis accidentally awakens the dead on Halloween night, the clock only ticks louder and faster. Doomsday draws near--unless Lewis can stop the clock!"


Brian said...

This is a great book. Actually all of Bellairs' books are great. They were in the young adult section of my library but were way beyond any of the books around threm. I've been meaning to get a few and re-read them. Let us know if It stands the test of time. My guess is that it does.

The RedBoy said...

I actually reread this book several years ago and it held up extremely well. First time I even heard about it was an adaptation for T.V. form the early eighties called ‘Once Upon a Midnight Scary’ w/ Vincent price. I read the rest of the series pertaining to Lewis Barnevelt and co., but I haven’t gotten around to all his other titles yet.

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