Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15th - Qui Tacet Consentit...


Anonymous said...

You're not one of those foolish "tea-baggers" are you? Taxes in this country need to rise to cover the debts of our last few Republican presidents.

The RedBoy said...

Dear Sir or Madam,

Sorry, I don't traffic in politik w/ people who post under 'Anon'.

Don't come back until you grow a pair; then, and only then can you attempt to crap in my cornflakes.

The God-less, Wicked, Heathen Management.

The Hound said...

Great post, as always.
Your take on Thunderbird inspired me to post some other discs on the same subject. I did however borrow yr copy of Thunderbird Twist over on my blog.
If that's a problem lemme know and I'll pull it. I posted some other versions of "What's The Word Thunderbird" over there,
the Hound

trainer said...

July 4th.

Washingtoon, DC.

Be there or be square.

...bring a teabag and a sign.

Mine reads: Help the Stimulus - Buy Ammo