Friday, April 3, 2009

The Highest in 'Fi'

Wow. Here's another one boasting the mysterious Bill Fay's peculiar brand of scarification.

Sounds like a cross between Lefty Frizzel's 'Long Black Veil' and Johnny Horton's 'When Its Springtime in Alaska' (So you know right there its gonna be upbeat). It's so reminiscent of the latter, in fact, that it might as well be Horton singin' the whole damned thing. One thing's for sure, it certainly is an impersonal tune. Kinda apathetic, no? Perfect soundtrack to watch the world slouch towards Bethlehem through the bottom of a cut-crystal glass (He types while doing just that).

Buddy Long, longtime Spring Valley Arizona native, got his start backing Duane Eddy on his debut single 'Soda Fountain Girl'. Long went on to work w/ Ray Odum, Waylon Jennings and Bob Fite and the Western Playboys.

Produced by Lee Hazelwood, you know 'Nothins' gotta be quality w/ Jody Reynold's home away from home, Demon records, givin' it the horned treatment and all. Endless sleep indeed.

It's Nothin' to Me - Buddy Long


Bob Pomeroy said...

Just who was Bill Fay? And did he long ago switch from 45s to mp3s?

Cool number, drenched in Lee Hazelwood production. Man, if there's a dud on that Demon label, I ain't heard it.

The RedBoy said...

About five or six years ago I grabbed a box o' Bill Fay's shit outta this local warehouse (Replete w/ an old pair of spurs). I have no idea who the man was, but his taste was impeccable (Peanuts Wilson, etc...) even if his penmanship is somewhat lacking.

Certainly no lips and assholes in the Demon Records slurry.

plasticsun said...

Lee Hazelwood recorded this song on his last album before he died from cancer. The apathetic tone made the song kind of moving in some strange way as Lee knew he was dying.

The RedBoy said...

I'd imagine one's impending death sure would add a modicum of gravity to any recording, especially one as forlorn as this . I did not know Lee Hazelwood cut his own version. I'll have to track it down. Thanks for the tip!