Monday, April 6, 2009

Are You Ready?

From Bill Fay to Jenny...

The stars at night may be big and bright, but the guitar chops of this San Antonio psych combo could use a little stove polish to bring the shine out. Hard to imagine the guitar-face that went along with the tasty lix on this solo attempt, but rest assured, it's loose in all the right places, and inept enough to make you thank your lucky stars for rock and/or roll. Flip this disc over and dig a pretty thorough ham-stringing of Carlos Santana, complete w/ bongos and by-the-book B-3. And as an added bonus, you get the whole shebang laced-up on 'Skate' records. I tells ya, I can almost taste the stale pizza and Pepsi. Just don't get you skates caught in the floor-length urinal. Chicken Dance anyone?

Are You Ready? - United

Amor - United


Anonymous said...

Thanks for upping this "GEM" really appreciate it

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