Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"It's A Little Round Thing All Covered w/ Fuzz. Best Damned Stuff That There Ever Was!"

Parental Advisory: Explicit Fuckin' Post.

Short of ‘Rotten Cocksucker's Ball’ by the Blenders and ‘Poontang’ by the Treiners, can you honestly name the last time you heard a golden age filthy-fuck R 'n' R tune that doesn't rely wholly on entendre to drive the point home? Me neither. Enter: 'The Record Connection' in Pennsyltucky.

Ya gotta love a record shop w/ an X-rated section. Even though you invariably find yourself elbow deep in Red Peters (Yuck Yuck Yuck), once in a blue moon you might just find a real-deal dirty ditty that backs up the swagger w/ the sound.

Are these (J.C & the Cavemen) the pervert responsible?

I snatched my first ‘Yo Yo’ incarnation at the above mentioned establishment, and as the Quartercash label infers, the artist obviously didn't feel the need to hang a name on this opus. As for the subsequent copy on 'Fun'...well, I don't remember where the hell I found that one, but I am almost positive that Boliver Shagnasty is not his Christian name. But who is this racist/misogynist mystery man? Subsequent editions turn up on the 'Trash' and 'Allstate' labels, w/ such nom de plumes as J.C & the Cavemen (Originally the Nighthawks featuring Scotty Moore) and Shagmar Bullnasty (obviously a distant cousin). Popular consensus names the pervert responsible as either Rusty York (of ‘Sugaree’ fame) or J.C. Raynor. Damned if I know...said the big red rooster to the little red hen.

Yo-Yo - Unknown

Yo-Yo - Boliver Shagnasty

Tapping That Thing - Unknown

Tapping That Thing - Boliver Shagnasty

Note: The liberal use of purple cocks, in keeping with this post’s bawdy nature, is in honor of Devil Dick, whose insistence that my use of Roosters is pretentious calls into question the very self-aggrandizing nature of blogging itself. Enjoy the cocks, dick! Get well soon brother.


Devil Dick said...

i love the purple cocks!

wait, did i just type that out loud?

oi vey...

1 mustache cup coming up...

paulomi said...

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Anonymous said...

how 'bout 'Don't Fuck Around With Love' which I think was the Blenders again?
lovin' it Red Boy, keep up the good work!!!
Matt, Worksop, UK

The RedBoy said...

Ya know Matt... It was the Blenders who did 'Don't Fuck Around With Love'. The Clovers are the ones that did 'Rotten Cocksuckers' Ball'. I must be slippin'. Thanks for joggin' the ole' memory. Glad you dig.


Rev. Billy said...

The first version of "Tappin' That Thing" was done by Larry Dale, "Yo-Yo" is basically a variation on the classic "Hot Nuts" by Doug Clark. Good, fun, family stuff!!

Rev. Billy said...

Also,Dave Garnder is a true legend in the South. He was in many ways the southern Lenny Bruce. I have never seen a copy of that record. His story is weirder than any reocrd he ever made.

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