Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Where the Oak and Black-Jack Trees Kiss the Playful Prarie Breeze."

Oklahoma, where anarchy goes sweeping down the plains!

House bypasses governor’s veto to claim Oklahoma’s sovereignty.

"The resolution states the federal government should "cease and desist” mandates that are beyond the scope of its powers.

Key said many federal laws violate the 10th Amendment, which says powers not delegated to the U.S. government "are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

You tell em' cousin!


eda said...




Timmy said...

And just to touch on the subject that eda wrote, I believe that this can all be setteled by taking a deep breathe & looking into the matter via expoundiating the laws of extra tonsilectomic nature. When mankind first set foot upon the borders of Okieville, not a man among them was able to draw his own pistol, for fear of utter neglect. See?

The RedBoy said...

My Great(x2) grandfather came from TN in the 1890's for the land rush. They seem to have made out OK (Pun intended)