Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stop Stuffin' and Start Sho-Nuffin'!

With All Hallow's Eve soundly in the rear-view, we're gonna pick up the thread right where we left it - in the Broad Street gutter.

Ok, so Confucius he ain't, but Ray Weatherspoon sure does lay down the law on this circa 67' struttin' monster. Now, I could never pass up a platter on a label so shamelessly called 'Satan' regardless of the quality of the cut, but these two tracks don't mearly hide behind such cool trimmings. Instead they stand mighty tall on their own two platformed feet. It's the perfect marriage of infernal form and funky function!

The flip is your typical part duex scenario (Credited to one Billy Wiggens), but rather than just droppin' an instro track and skippin' town, the 'Wig' manages to throw some cool sax and organ work into the fricassee, makin' it a worthwhile flip for inclusion in this RedBoy's hallowed halls.

You heard the man, "Straighten Up!"

Stop Stuffin' and Start Sho Nuffin' - Ray Weatherspoon

Stop Stuffin' and Start Sho Nuffin Pt. 2 - Billy Wiggens