Monday, March 2, 2009

"Never Had Nuthin' But Misery."

Here's another gem on 'Jewel' records (Clever, right?), this time from the inimitable Carter brothers. Practically a blues number, this track has just enough brass shoved up the midsection to place this firmly in the soul category - and just enough fried chicken references to place it firmly in the sub-cockle area of my heart. The flip ain’t no slouch for that matter (Do the Flo' Show), but fate saw fit to carve a very obnoxious furrow through the groovy grooves on my copy, so you’ll have to take my word on it (or, better yet, get your own damned copy!).

The Carter Brothers Roman (lead vocals, bass), Albert (guitar), and Jerry (vocals, piano) came from Garland, AL, and began recording in 1964 for producer/songwriter Duke Coleman's local label. Stan Lewis' Jewel Records licensed a pair of their singles, of which "Southern Country Boy" got to number 21 on the R&B charts nationally. They never cut an album, but before splitting up in 1967 (when Albert and Jerry Carter were said to have been drafted) the trio recorded more than a dozen single sides.

It certainly is a special kinda trim which is willing to de-seed a melon for her man. Don’t let her get away fellas, or else you'll just have to kidnap yourself another one, and who has the time or the Chloroform for that?

Southern Country Boy - Carter Brothers

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