Monday, March 17, 2008


I'm a gonna take a break from my ongoing theme of 'Soul' misery this evening to lay one down on The Devil. That said, I, like 'Mr. Dick', have been known to dabble in the 'Rawk' these kids are listening' to these days. I first heard this one as a suburban New Jersey ankle biter while being weened on The Hound, and believe you me when I say that this one is killer diller. To the trained ear, this 1959' cut has piano monkey Mickey Hawks (of 'Screamin' Mimi Jeanie' fame) all over it (Ewwww). I managed to scam this one in a long-since demolished warehouse in Highland Park along w/ a whole stack of singles owned by the illustrious 'Bill Fay'.

Note: Who is Bill Fay you ask? Why, he's the chap who tattooed his name on all his records, Einstein (see label).

And though I find the practice deplorable, ole' bill had some good taste (Keep an eye out for some more singles of the Bill Fay persuasion coming soon). Anyway, this Natty Boh is for you Devil!

Cottonpickin' - Night Raiders


Devil Dick said...

ole' bill had some good taste:

Not to mention excellent penmanship!

Thank you kind sir! may i have another?

sexy said...



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