Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Got this one awhile back in a batch of styrene. I had haggled the group for another platter (Werewolf - Morgus & the Derringers) but was pleasantly surprised when some of the incidentals I inherited came up aces. Case in point, The Sheep. I'm sure everyone in attendance is familiar with the inimitable Bunker Hill, I know my copy of 'Girl Can't Dance' is practically transparent with abuse. It's interesting to hear someone tackle Mr. Hill's 'Hide & Seek', bringing their own intensity to an opus that's pretty shifty to begin w/. Not much is know about the mysterious Sheep, save that this 1966 outfit features members of the Strangeloves, famous for being the first Australian band to chart in the U.S (Cough* Bullshit *Cough). While not a saccharine sweet as 'I Want Candy', I implore you to give sheep a chance, and pull the wool will ya. (Sorry, can't help it)

Hide & Seek - The Sheep

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