Thursday, March 13, 2008

Better Days Are Coming

Ya know, some songs just affect people in weird ways. I remember hearing "Pretty Ballerina" by the Left Banke for the first time on a rainswept morning and thinkin'to myself "This shit has some blue lit to it". In much the same regard, I never really gave Wesley Paige that much thought until recently. It was a grey winter afternoon ,the kind you can only get in Jerzey, when I gave this cut another go. I was immediately struck by its sincerity. Short of the fact that it is a follow-up to 1966's 'You Turn Me Around / Oh My Goodness', any tales this old dog has to tell are since lost to history. I know the B-side gets a considerable bump from soul brothas ('I Got to Find Out FOr Myself'), but I'm gonna throw my hat in the ring for the ballad. It's a deceptively simple rag, kinda Motown w/ it's orchestral arrangement, kinda current for its day what with the twelve string and all. Musicianship aside, its strength remains its ability to engender hope, even in a self-professed cynic like myself.

"Better days are coming...if I can hang on."

Here's to you Mr. Paige. Thanks for the leg up.

Better Days Are Coming - Wesley Paige and the Masters Three

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Devil Dick said...

i dig that cut & that label...