Sunday, March 16, 2008

Overtime, LPs & a Dead Man's Hand...

Had to work Saturday. Six cups of coffee later and too tired to sleep, I took a spin out to native New Brunphis (AKA. New Brunswick). Pickins were slim to none, but I managed to dig up the following detritus:


Rhinoceros - Self Titled (Electra)
Spirit - The Family That Plays Together (Epic)
Generation X - Self Titled (Chrysalis)
Archies - Self Titled (Calender)


Paragons - Down at the Beach (Donna)
Mitchell Torok - What's Behind the Strange Door

While nothing earthshaking in the vinyl department, the most interesting thing I picked up on my weekend travels would have to be the genuine disembodied human hand I procured on French St.

Now before you go crying foul about my proclivity for grave robbing, know that these digits were procured through legal channels. It was one of those impulse buys you hear about, like at a supermarket checkout line or something. There I was squaring up with my dealer, when I saw it sitting in the window and just had to have it. It appears to be from a Victorian era medical skeleton. Apparently it came from the estate of a photographer. He even used it at one time as aphotographic study (see below).

Never a dull moment.


Devil Dick said...

you get all the bones you can handle at work son.....

and that rino lp is a nice cut of white "horn rock" soul, and that paragons "down at the beach" is in my "cue" of posts so if you would be so kind.... don't.

It's nice to see you up and runnin'

Devil Dick said...

and oh yeah.... a dedication of sorts over at the devil's music for you...

Anonymous said...

"Rhinoceros - Self Titled"

I didnt think you would be interested in such things

The RedBoy said...

Ya know, we all don't have to have grey hair & long beards to dig on the 70's :)

Devil Dick said...

did you just give me a "stinger"...?

don't i get enough of those at lunch everyday???

whatever "leather tuscdaro"

The RedBoy said...

That's 'Pleather Bobarino' to you 'Weird Beard'.