Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Evil Grows in Cracks and Holes"

It often pays to give more than a casual listen to what other people are spinning these days. Case in point, my drummer Tommy managed to turn me on to this tune by the Poppy Family (as well as British psych darling 'Jason Crest') while taking a breather during band practice. I was immediately struck by the tunes malevolence, a seemingly innocent nihilism carefully hidden behind an AM radio vibe. Recorded in Canada by Susan & Terry Jacks (the latter of 'Seasons in the Sun' fame) for inclusion on 1971's 'Poppy Seeds' album , 'Where Evil Grows' demonstrates the lighter approach favored by our northern cousins, namely, "Walk softly and carry a big Sitar".

Dig this live (Dubbed) clip from the Kenny Rogers variety show 'Rollin on the River'(Sorry. No Embed)

Where Evil Grows - Poppy Family

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There's something so familiarilyeerileycomplete here.