Monday, March 31, 2008

Put in my pocket my sevens & my elevens

For those of you who have ever been hung-over and spied that box of records through a bleary eye saying "I can't possibly dig through this junk right now", know that perseverance does indeed pay off. One such incident saw me elbow deep in disco duck-shit singles before producing what would prove to be one of my favorite sides of all time - Cile' Turner's 'Crap Shootin' Sinner.

Courtesy of the Rivermont Records website:

"Lucile ('Cile) Turner, a young singer from southern Virginia, became fascinated with African-American music while attending the New England Conservatory of Music in the mid-1910s There she attracted attention by singing African-American folk songs and spirituals she had learned as a child from workers on her parents' farm. By the 1920s, she was touring the Eastern United States giving programs of "Songs from the South," later hosting a popular weekly fifteen-minute radio program on NBC's coast-to-coast network. What began as a hobby for Turner evolved into a full-time profession for the next forty years as she traveled through the South collecting African-American songs and stories to present on radio, records, live performances, and later on her own syndicated television show. In December 1959, her rockabilly-flavored 45 "Crap Shootin' Sinner" and "The Golden Rule" made the Cash Box Top 100, and several others received special mention in Billboard Magazine."

"Be it wrong, be it right", this tune is total mid-tempo R & B goodness, so roll the dice on it junior.

Crap Shootin'Sinner - Cile' Turner


Devil Dick said...

nice info. its a good one for sure

J. said...

I hear that the best cure for a bum-wine hangover is MORE SOUL.

The RedBoy said...

No doubt! All aboard the Night Train!!!