Thursday, April 3, 2008

Moongooners, Strangers & Brothers.

I dig Scott Walker, and to a greater extent, the 'Walker Brothers'. They kinda remind me of Tom Jones in that they manage to put an incredibly upbeat spin on some ultra depressing shit (Ahem...'The Big Hurt'). That said, the 'Walker Brothers', much like their compatriots, made their bones in the studio bands of the late fifties and early sixties. Here we have two wildly different examples of the talent which would one day don page-boy locks and threaten to topple even the Beatles.

Moongoon Twist - Moongooners

Willie & the Hand Jive - Moongooners

Cut one the Donna label (an offshoot of the incredible Del-Fi record imprint), 'Moongoon Twist' features 'Walker Brothers' alumni Scott Walker (Ake Noel Scott Engel) and John Walker (Aka. John Maus) as the aformention 'Moongooners'in what can only be described as a spontaneous fit of Instrumental rage (Dig that crazy scream!!!)! The single is backed by an Instrumental reworking of the R & B classic 'Willie & the Hand Jive' as popularized by the 'Johnny Otis Show'. Hard to believe that somebody saw enough artistry to issue a followup single to the ole' Moongooners, but the beauty of the people at Del-Fi has always been a complete disregard for the merits of popular music (Thank God)

Tell Me - Strangers

Easy Livin' - Strangers

This next cut is "allegedly" the same twosome behind the Donna records fiasco (Engel & Maus)according to the session notes of singer / rhythm guitarist William Lincoln (note: Lincoln would later go on to record the legendary psych opus ‘A Gift From Euphoria’ for Capital). Baring further confirmation, part of the beauty of the blogosphere is not having to be responsible regarding my sources, but honestly, how can a million record dorks be wrong? Making good use of the Rolling Stones' 'Tell Me', this single onCalifornia's Linda label backs it up with a cool, brass-heavy instro tune dubbed 'Easy Livin'.

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