Sunday, April 13, 2008

Get While the Gettin's Good.

Spent some quality time w/ a bunch of assholes :) this weekend. After copious amounts of top-shelf tequila and salted peanuts, we managed to drag our sorry asses out to a record show near Lancaster P.A for some self-mortification. Bad haircuts, elitism and funny pants aside, soul and Doo-Wop, as usual, are the main events, but for an equal opportunity offender like myself, there are bargains to be had.


Link Wray - Jack the Ripper, Rumble & Mr. Guitar (LP Swan 510)


Billy "The Kid" Emerson - Little Fine Healthy Thing / Something for Nothing (Sun 233)
Billy Riley - Flyin' Saucer Rock & Roll / I Want You Baby (Sun 260)
Rudy Grazell - Judy / I Think of You (Sun 290)
Ray Smith - Rockin' Bandit / Sail Away (Sun 319)
Harold Andrews & the Exciters - Foggy / Party Time (MRM 402)
Originals - Sleepless Hours / Anna (Jackpot 48012)
Meters - Sissy Strut / Here Comes the Meter Man (Josie 1005)
Swags - Rockin' Matilda / Blowing the Blues (Del-Fi 4143)
Delegates - Pigmy Part 1 / Pepper (no Pigmy Part 2 ???) (Aura 88120)
Noc-A-Bouts - Jungle Safari / Session (United Artists 126)
King Curtis & the Nobles - Soul Twist / Twisting Time (Enjoy 1000)

Being more than happy w/ my meager haul, there were indeed some dusky jewels floating around, including a heavy-hitter specializing in pre-war Vocalian blues. Some bird even had two (?!?!) copies of Devil's coveted Majic Ship LP ($1500 apiece my ass).

Oh well, sometimes its fun just to look.


Devil Dick said...

nice haul scum-bucket...

Anonymous said...

shall i take it you're gonna be posting these wax nuggets for us poor unfortunates to taste in the near future lol
matt, worksop, england

The RedBoy said...

Right you are sir. Sun Records 2 for 1 special coming your way.