Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Undead...but not forgotten.

While suburban NJ Punks were busy givin' everyone the 'Horror Business', Ex-Misfit Bobby Steele was coolin' his heels and countin' his toes just across the river as lead sing/guitarist of NYC's criminally under appreciated 'The Undead'. Struggling to emerge from out the shadow of his famous former employers, Steele makes a good go at maintaining a New York state of mind throughout the Undead's debut E.P. 1982's 'Nine Toes Later', named for an unfortunate incident in which Steele's big toe went bye, bye.

I must confess upfront, a certain bias in this boiler-plate, as I have many fond memories of watchin' the Undead hashin' it out at local record stores and basement shows. I also found it kinda funny that Steele was always stuck carrying his own gear, cane in hand (Shitty band mates, huh?).Anyhoo, pull up a toe and enjoy some Punk de jour from the poet who brought you such wisdom as 'We Don't Want the Poor in New York City" & "Put Your Clothes Back On"

Life of Our Own - Undead


Brainy said...

Nice to see you don't have any cutoff dates and let in some of the newer stuff too!

The RedBoy said...
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