Friday, April 25, 2008

"Say man...let's do the Wombat Twist."

Hands down, one of the greatest opening lines, nay, thee greatest opening line in music history. How could you not wanna do the Wombat Twist after such a gracious invitation, even if it meant getting crushed by a bus? This tune has been gettin' around since Hound days, and I really wish there was more of a whale of a tale to tell, but as is the nature of the inspired word that often occasions true genius, perhaps it is best that the story of 'Wombat Twist' remains shrouded in mystery. Still, in the interests of competent blogging, I feel compelled to educate any way I can. Here is some food for thought:

From the memoirs of the Rossetti family (1869)
"The beasts upon which Dante's affections were prodigalized were the first wombat and his successor the woodchuck. The second wombat, having died immediately, counts for little. No more engagingly lumpish quadruped than the first wombat could be found, and none more obese and comfortable than the woodchuck. They were both tame, especially the woodchuck; and Dante would sit with either in his arms by the half-hour together, dandling them paunch upward, scratching gently at their cheeks or noses, or making the woodchuck's head and hind-paws meet. With the wombat no such operation was possible. Each of them was his housemate for some time, and each expired without premonition. I do not assume that my brother wept over them, but certainly "his heart was sair." For the wombat (not having yet seen it) he wrote from Penkill Castle the following quatrain:

"Oh how the family affections combat
Within this heart, and each hour flings a bomb at
My burning soul! Neither from owl nor from bat
Can peace be gained until I clasp my wombat."


Wombat Twist - Glen & Christy


Todd Lucas said...

Whew, what a flipped tune! Great example of a record that I'd pick up, based on the title alone. Love that guitar.

The RedBoy said...

It's a doozy. Shame they never followed it up. I'm totally game for a 'Platypus Twist', or a 'Pigmy Marmoset Twist'.