Friday, April 11, 2008

Have Mercy?

Grabbed this in Somerville (Home of da Werps) awhile back. I was familiar w/ the 'Love' jam, but you coulda just about killed me dead w/ the flip 'Fire Ball'. This is some seriously thick imbruemnet. More Buzz than Fuzz, this tune shares a certain similarity w/ the equally awesome Scratchy (of Travis Womack) fame.

"Starting with a band he formed while attending Brandon High School, on the outskirts of Tampa Florida, Jack Sigler perfected his writing, arranging and performing skills. In 1968 George Roberts, a Hollywood producer heard Jack and his band, Mercy, rehearsing and he decided he wanted Mercy to appear in a film he was shooting in the Tampa area. The film was “Fireball Jungle”, the last movie that Lon Chaney Jr. made before his death. Also in the film is John Russell of TV’s “Lawman” fame and Durwood Kirby’s son, Randy Kirby. Jack & Mercy recorded a Jack Sigler original entitled “Love Can Make You Happy” and the rest is music history! “Love Can Make You Happy” was recorded at the old Charles Fuller Studio on MacDill Avenue in Tampa, the same place The Royal Guardsmen recorded “Snoopy Vs The Red Baron”."

For the whole truth & nothing but the truth, dig here.

I'm sure this tune has been double dipped before, but for the price of admission ya get the head, the tail...the whole damned thing. Enjoy!

Fire Ball - Mercy

Love (Can Make You Happy) - Mercy


Anonymous said...

Love & Own this Cut

Devil Dick said...

yep, this one has made a few appearances on the caves radio show.... it's always close at hand in the "faves" 45 case...