Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Let's Get Mellow Together

I'll keep this one short and sweet today.

Can't quite recall where I picked this one up. You'll no doubt recognize the name Lowell Fulsom as one of the premiere blues ax-men of the 1950's. Jumping from Swingtime to Checker during the 1940's, by the 1960's Fulsom had all but left the blues behind, landing squarely at Kent just in time to pick up on the soul tip.

I love this tune. The organ is nice and thick, and the guitar is such that Fulsom practically falls off the fret board at the end (dig that crazy note! A-demolished!) This single looks (and sounds) like hammered shit, otherwise I would have posted the flip as well ('Blues Pain'). What can I say, the worlds an imperfect place. I'm sure I'll find a better copy for the digs further on up the road, but until then, unscrew the top on that bottle of 'Night Train', shake well, and enjoy!

Mellow Together - Lowell Fulsom

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Jason Daniels said...

A neighbor let me borrow a some of her 45's back in the 80's. One of the selctions was Mellow Together. I was in Junior High at that time.
There would be no Mellow Together if it were not for funky horn James Brown.