Saturday, April 5, 2008

Green Slime!!!

Dropped by the Meadowlands for a rummage sale this morning - By the by, that new Xanadu sports complex looks like someone ate a bag of Razzles and threw up on an airport. Anyway, while jiving w/ the local color, a kindly old woman, upon noticing a copy of the Divine single under my arm, opined "Ain't he / she the one in that movie where the guy whistles 'Surfin Bird' out his asshole" (yup). Feeling a sale coming on, she points me towards her corner of sky and several boxes of vinyl. Most of it is Rogers and Hammerstein shit w/ the exception of one single...The Green Slime (!?!?!)

Composed by Charles Fox of 'Barbarella' fame this 1968 promotional tie-in was designed to cater to the youth market with it's sharp leads and ambiguous (Awful) lyrics regarding disassociation and, what else, but Green Slime!?!? Not quite sure how the two relate to a Japanese Sci-Fi movie, but it makes for a wonderfully awful theme.

Check out the trailer.

So there it is, 'The Green Slime'. It's more fun than whistling 'Surfin' Bird' out your Asshole. Enjoy.

Green Slime - Green Slime


Devil Dick said...

if that green slime trailer shows the "future" leave me in the past with the cavemen....

The RedBoy said...

Come to think of it, the future has always sucked from the 60's point of view.

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